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Wind behaves in interesting ways. One of them is known as  'the roof effect'.  This refers to wind colliding with a pitched roof with the result that when the free moving wind is suddenly stopped by a roof, the wind is compressed to some extent, which results in it being accelerated by up to several times as it passes over the obstructing roof.

This phenomenon results in wind at the ridge peak of a pitched roof travelling at up to 3 times the speed of nearby uninterrupted wind. 

This roof effect is estimated to create a fast travelling, compressed wind layer of between 1 and 3 feet in depth at the peak of a low level pitched roof.  This layer and its speed increases as the height of the roof/building increases due to wind speed being stronger at greater height (which is the reason propeller turbines are placed on towers).

Clearly, the roof effect phenomenon suggests that the best place to locate a vertical axis rooftop wind turbine is on the ridge of the roof. That ridge location will also collect wind from all of the available 360 degrees.

The Liberty wind turbines were specially designed to benefit from and to maximise their performance from 'the roof effect'. In research conducted by the  Guelph University,  in Ontario, Canada, they confirmed an acceleration of wind that 'collided' with pitched roofs.

Similar studies have been conducted and confirmed by  Delft University  in Holland.

The  Delft University  called this wind behaviour the 'Undisturbed Air Factor' or UDA. This factor compares the increased speed of wind compressed by the rooftop to the nearby undisturbed wind that has not been compressed or affected by a roof.  They discovered that the roof effect difference can be from 50% to over 300% - and more on taller buildings. 

Considering the above research, the placing of small wind turbines such as the Liberty NRG Plus on roof ridges offers greatly increased performance because of the increased wind speed.

In support of this research, other sources claim that wind increases in velocity on a pitched roof due to compression. A 10mph wind can increase to more than 30mph at the optimal location on a roof of common pitch.

Very few products have been designed that are perfectly suited to being fixed in this position.

The Liberty Options have.
'The Roof Effect'
Introducing 2 exciting renewable-energy products for residential and commercial buyers.

Imagine a business where you are the exclusive supplier of 2 renewable energy products that meet the demand for energy independence.

Start your new business in this fast growing industry that has;

  • Wide and popular public support
  • Extensive media coverage
  • Government subsidies and encouragement
  • Low risk
  • Investment secured by stock
  • An international distribution network
  • Highest quality products that work and save money
  • Attractive and conventional designs
  • Huge potential for capital growth of your business
  • Unlimited income
  • Self employment
  • No expensive retail leases and franchise commitments.
People will buy products that save them money, contribute to the green revolution and are
responsible investments in the future of the planet.

The reason you don't see wind turbines on rooftops around your neighbourhood is because there
seems to be very few that people would even consider putting on their roof. Although the public see
a need, they won't put unattractive machines on their homes.

The Liberty design is conventional and attractive. The units can only be purchased from our distributors.
Both of our NRG turbine products include grid tie inverters.

We sell freedom from expensive grid electricity.
The Liberty NRG Turbines
Stop paying for expensive electricity
The patented air scoop design collects wind that
passes over your roof. It redirects that wind upwards to the rotor providing it with additional speed and torque. The design captures and delivers wind from 3 sources to the rotor.
Wind that collides with a pitched roof can travel
up to 3 times faster than nearby wind due to compression.
This 'roof effect' has been shown to form a layer of wind up to 1 metre high as it passes over the roof ridge. The Liberty NRGPlus maximises the collection of that wind and uses it to provide you with free electricity.
  • Installation is easy with minimum roof    intrusion and fitting required. 1 metre in height.
  • Only one moving part. No maintenance.
  • Provides year round air extraction from roof cavity or buildings.
  • Generator has 20 year life. Highest quality available.
  • Independence from grid supplied electricity.
  • Meets all worldwide standards.
It is suitable for commercial use - factories, schools, small wind farms and like its junior partner
, the NRGMaster also receives wind propulsion from 'the roof effect'.

Designed to be located on the ridge of the rooftop, capturing the rush of fast wind created by the
roof effect, the NRGMaster is a bigger and more powerful wind machine that drives 2 generators.

The design has a large air scoop which collects roof effect air and directs it upwards where it is
compressed so that air exits the air scoop at a greater speed. This faster air connects with the rotor
blades and assists in driving the rotor for approximately 300 degrees of a 360 degree rotation.
This provides more speed and torque to drive two 1.8kw generators.

The main parts of the NRGMaster will be moulded from UV stabilised polypropylene providing
light weight and maintenance free characteristics.

The NRGMaster rotor floats on air utilising a magnetic levitation feature provided by rare
earth magnets. This feature provides a lifetime of quiet, no maintenance and no energy
resistance operation.

Other features
  • Ideal for multi applications such as micro wind farms, commercial building rooftops.
  • Attractive, space age design.
  • The NRGMaster is fitted with 2 generators on a 3:1 gearing.
Energy output for EACH generator is described below.
POWER CURVE                                            UNLOADED VOLTAGE
* The above power curve is based on the generator with fixed load. The output value with variable load is higher.
The NRGMaster
 our larger turbine has a number of features.

Our 21st Century world is now
green; getting much greener,
and bringing with it a wave of
fresh investment and business
Governments are promoting renewable energy technology

Faced with immediate and future energy problems, together with a need to reduce environmental pollution, Governments worldwide are now subsidising and encouraging consumers to buy renewable
energy solutions for their homes.

The industries supplying that need are growing rapidly.

Government rebates and financial subsidies are now being offered as inducements for consumers to become self reliant. Consumers can rely less on grid supplied electrical power. These subsidies are attracting home owners and industry to save money and to buy renewable energy products.

Huge new markets are emerging.

Architects are designing energy efficient homes and suburbs. The commitment to a 'green' culture now requires the inclusion of solar and wind as renewable energy sources for homes and buildings.  Electricity has already increased considerably in price and there has never been a better time to establish a business to supply the demand for grid independence.

Both of the LibertyNRG designs are described as being vertical axis turbines. They are alternatives to the propeller driven turbines which are not readily accepted by local government bodies because they need to be mounted on very high towers which create visual pollution. Propeller turbines are also quite expensive and are blamed for causing bird kill

It has been estimated that only 5% of the world's wind energy needs have been met by the giant wind farms. Those estimates exclude the huge potential market for renewable energy units on every home and building.

The market for rooftop units will be enormous.  Although wind farms supply green energy, consumers still must pay increasingly high prices for it.

Independence from expensive grid power is a very desirable cost saving goal for home owners and commercial businesses.

People will adopt change if it is affordable and it saves them money. Solar and some wind turbine choices are quite expensive.

The LibertyNRG options are cost effective solutions, and every unit installed becomes a showpiece for future sales.  Architects with visions of green suburbs will welcome the Liberty products.

Conveniently located micro wind farms are a strong possibility for the Liberty NRGMaster.
Consider the huge size of the potential market.

Households in Australia:

The number of households in Australia is
projected to increase from 6.9 million in 1996
to between 9.4 and 10.0 million in 2021, a rise
of between 38% and 46%.

Examples of household numbers in other countries:

U.S.A.                     114,825,428
Canada                     11,562,975
New Zealand              1,621,600
UK                             24,479,439
Germany                   37,450,000
Spain                         14,200,000
Sweden                       4,902,990
India                        191,963,935

The Liberty NRGPlus is an innovative, no maintenance, noiseless, quiet operation structure with one moving part - the rotor - which is fixed to the generator shaft. The rotor
will drive a 1.8KW generator that can output 1.4KW at 400rpm and 2.1KW at 500rpm. It has no gearing.

People familiar with the widely used Rotary devices used to extract air from roof cavities and buildings will know they revolve very efficiently at high speed. With our low cogging
generator attached to a fast moving rotor, plus additional wind power from the roof effect being used to drive the rotor from its inside and outside, we have harnessed wind forces that will contribute to the NRGPlus receiving a strong and reliable wind supply. This additional wind supply will result in higher speeds and greater rotor torque.

The NRGPlus has a unique wind catchment capability. The 6 wind intake vanes (fixed) are designed to capture roof effect wind arriving from any direction. Those vanes collect and then channel wind upwards where it escapes
through the rotor, thus providing additional wind thrust to the rotor.

Because The Liberty NRGPlus is approximately 1 metre in height it will receive full wind contact from the 1-3 feet high layer of 'roof effect' wind.  Roof effect wind will reach both the air intake ports and the rotor

The NRG Plus is a revolution in simple design and effective management of prevailing wind.

NRG Plus benefits from 3 separate sources of air flow to the rotor.

1. Upward air flow from the roof cavity or interior of the host building.

2. Accelerated air flow from the 'Roof Effect'.

3. The rotor responding to air flow from prevailing wind, which is also accelerated as a consequence of the roof effect.


The NRGPlus is also an efficient air extractor and an additional feature is that any rain that might enter through the rotor structure, (as it does in most roof air extractors), will be captured by the outer tube of the NRGPlus and
returned to the roof, with no rain entering the roof cavity or building.

For buildings that need additional self generated electricity, multiple Liberty NRGPlus units can be mounted along the roof ridge. They can all feed their wind generated power through a single inverter into the building's metre box.
Fitting an NRGPlus is easy with minimal intrusion to the roofing material. The generator is patent protected, built in
stainless steel to the highest standards and has
an operational life of 20 years.

The generator has passed several IEC 61000 and IEC 55022 standards, along with UK's G83/1 standard and CE certification for our inverter.
All components of the Liberty NRG Plus meet all ASO standards worldwide.
Features of the 1.8KW generator:

  • Low start up speed due to low cogging and low resistive torque.
  • Gearless, direct drive, delivers power at low RPM.
  • High standard, quality components for use in harsh and extreme environments.
  • High efficiency and low mechanical energy loss.
  • Excellent heat dissipation due to the aluminium alloy outer frame and special internal structure.
  • High strength from the specially designed structure and full heat treated aluminium.
  • Manufactured with specially selected materials treated to resist corrosion and oxidation.
  • Designed for reliable and long operational lifetime under long term full output.
  • Designed for 20 year life.
  • Patent protected design.
The generator has passed IEC 61000 and IEC 55022 standards, along with UK's G83/1 standard and obtained CE certification for the inverter.
POWER CURVE                                            UNLOADED VOLTAGE
* The above power curve is based on the generator with fixed load. The output value with variable load is higher.
We welcome partnerships with entrepreneurs.

Your investment in becoming a distributor in the early stages of this project provides an opportunity to secure an exclusive territory at an earlybird discount.

For an entrepreneur the rewards are very exciting - 2 attractive products for a global market where buyers are likely to be assisted into a purchase with subsidies from their governments.

The buying public is aware of the advantages of renewable energy products. Supportive media has been encouraging property owners to adopt renewable energy behaviour and products for years.

The social and motivational adjustments have been made and the market is waiting for a suitable, more affordable and better wind solution than has been offered to date. Liberty distributors will have those products in 2011.
Wind generators can work 24 hours a day. They work when you sleep and the power generated can be fed back into the grid to wind back your power meter.

Most homes only draw power for a small part of each day. Consider that many people wake up at 7.00am, leave for work at 8.00am. They return at 6.00pm and go to bed by 11.00pm. They have most of their grid-supplied power drawn in a 6-7 hour window in each 24 hours. The Liberty Turbine's have the ability to trickle feed power back into the grid for 24 hours a day, most days of the year.

In many countries, wind is a more reliable renewable energy source than sun. Sun may only work for 12 hours a day, and in some places less than that. Wind is created most days of the year and usually for 24 hours of each day

Be at the forefront of this wave of opportunity.
Secure an exclusive territory close to your home.

Starting a new wind energy business is exciting. It provides:

1. Unlimited income.

2. Profitable products.

3. Independence.

4. Capital growth.

5. Cash flow.

6. A job and a chance to be your own boss.

7. Inclusion in a global distribution network.

8. Low risk . Cost to become a LibertyNRG products distributor is an exclusive territory
fee plus an initial order for stock.
Most of your investment is secured by stock.
You can start by working from home.

9. You will be expected to meet reasonable sales volumes in each quarter in order to
retain your territory.

10. Huge potential to secure a share of a rapidly growing market.

Show us you have the business skills and experience and we'll let you reserve and secure the rights to sell this new product in your region. Start planning for your new business now.
Self employment with great prospects for long term cash flow, and capital growth is here.

An affordable reservation fee will secure your desired territory so you can be ready for product supply in early 2011.
Contact us.

LIBERTY ENERGY is based in Hong Kong, the world's most exciting hub for global business. Our products are made in China to the world's highest standards.

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